Low cost greenhouse

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The primary function of greenhouse is to provide plants with additional carbon dioxide. Neither heating nor cooling is required under climatic conditions in Western Part of India. Carbon dioxide is exhaled byby green plants during the neight, and by soil microorganisms throughout the day. Carbon dioxide, being heavier than air, accumulates near the ground.

If the crop is surrounded by a a skirting of plastic film and even if the top of the structure is left open, one gets the typical greenhouse effect with doubling of the yeild. Because our green house has no roof, one can use relatively thin bamboo stakes to support the plastic skirting around the palknts. Per acre cost a conventional greenhouse is Rs. 10 to 20 Lacs per hactre (approximately US $ 20000-35000). Our green house cost costs just a tenth of this (approximately US $ 1500-2500). The greenhouse technology is combined with farming on permanent raised beds.


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