ARTI-IPCL joint initiative kicks off

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The Indian Petrochemicals Corporation Limited (IPCL) has its Maharashtra Gas Cracker Complex Division at Nagothane, Dist. Raigad, on the west coast of Maharashtra, India. On this campus, IPCL has initiated various activities for the betterment of the life of the local people. In April 2007, a unique initiative was launched by IPCL, in collaboration with ARTI. IPCL invested in a charcoaling kiln and a briquetting machine. ARTI provided training to a team of local youth in the charcoaling technology. The leaf litter and woody waste generated on the IPCL campus was used as the raw material. The kiln produced more than 900 kg of charcoal in an operation of about 1.5 months. ARTI’s commercial partner, SET Pvt. Ltd., has purchased the charcoal at the rate of Rs.15 per kg. On the occasion of the World Environment Day, 5th June 2007, the truckload of charcoal was dispatched from Nagothane at the hands of Mr. Sadanand R. Yadwadkar, President (NC) IPCL MGCC, and Dr. A.D. Karve, President ARTI (see photo below). The money earned through this project is being passed on to the young operators. ARTI, SET and IPCL will also be introducing the Sarai system in Nagothane and surrounding areas so that local market is generated for the charcoal. In these parts, the Sarai-charcoal combination will replace the present fuelwood-traditional chulha combination, thus going a long way in preventing deforestation and recycling waste.

We appreciate the proactive initiative of IPCL, and hope that this will serve as an example for others.


Truckload of charcoal being dispatched on World Environment Day



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