During the processing of agricultural produce, the residues generated in the powdery form. It required long period for decompose and also inefficient burning in cook stove. The collection, transportation and processing of this residue is very expensive. Farmers generally burns in the field or its remain unutilized. The briquetting machine is developed by ARTI. This is an extruder coupled with 1 hp single phase motor. The 32 no. extruder available in the local market is modified by attaching specially design flange. The flange is having 3 extended metal pipes of dia 20 mm and length 50 cm. The flange is fitted on extruder mouth. The mixture of 50 % cowdung and 50 % powdery biomass is used for manufacturing briquettes. These briquettes burn very efficiently without any emission in Sampada and Agni gasifier stove developed by ARTI. The production capacity of 1 hp briquetting machine motor is 80 kg per day. Technology is easy to understand and adopted by SHG groups, farmers, unemployed youth, manufacturer of gasifier stoves and suppliers of biomass fuels. The investment is very less. The agricultural residue which are generally available in scattered form can be well utilized at the source by adopting this technology package.


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